August 2017


So it’s a lovely day and you are huddled over your smart device doing a little online shopping. You find the perfect shirt with a great pattern and it is just your size. Or maybe it is that hard-to-find oil pump housing bracket for your boat. Perhaps it is a garden gnome that matches the shade of your bougainvilleas. Whatever the heck it is, it’s there, right on the web site at a price that looks to be unbeatable. Pleased with your find, you begin entering all of your shopper data and then you see the hint. Could be a weird area code, mention of a state or some spelling that is lacking a “u”. Oops. An American website. The pricing is in US dollars. Not quite the deal you were hoping for.

Where to Store All ofThese Loyalty Cards?

Ok, so they are stacking up inside your wallet, layer upon layer. Thankfully with no cheese or sauce in between. Messy in the pants or purse. Save me from getting another loyalty card.

“Would you like to join our soup club?”

“Are you a member of our fish market?”

“You should take advantage of our frequent sock buyer points program.”

Good lord, where will I store all of these cards? How will I remember all of the member numbers and passwords? And will they shower me in junk email?