Credit Counseling Speaker
Gordon Stein energizes and informs the audience as a Credit Counseling Speaker

Credit Counseling Speaker

Once a client has completed a bankruptcy filing or a consumer proposal, it can be challenging for them to to start on the track to financial wellness. Many clients lack the skills to avoid debt and start to build some wealth. Advice that simply tells them to save doesn’t get to the issue of HOW to save and better manage their finances. You need the right credit counseling speaker with an approach that people can implement.

The concepts behind Cashflow Cookbook are simple. A straightforward way to track financial position, easy “recipes” to reduce recurring spend and step by step techniques to change our relationship with money. It lets clients reign in their spending with minimal effort and sacrifice. Clients can review the content and build their own plan that reduces their costs, then report back with their own ideas.

In person or virtual credit counseling speaker sessions

Cashflow Cookbook Fresh Start Seminars are a powerful and low-cost way to help your clients learn about personal finance. The tone is fun and supportive, the content is fresh and accessible and the results are within reach.

The one-hour session help your clients learn about:

  • The powerful marketing machines that make us spend
  • How to stay out of debt
  • An easy approach to visualizing their financial wellness over time
  • How they can attain reduce financial stress with minimal effort
  • Five easy, no-sacrifice changes that they can start today
  • Real-life examples of how to get money working for them

To connect with Gordon or to learn more about using Cashflow Cookbook with your clients, please book some time here, fill out the contact form here or email [email protected].