Credit Unions, your members need your help more than ever.

Credit unions are all about people helping people and keeping the spotlight on members, not profits. They maintain a focus on improving the financial wellness of everyone who walks in their front door.

Now is the time. Your members need your help more than ever. With interest rates up, mortgages, car loans and HELOCs are more costly. Inflation is increasing the costs of groceries, gas and clothing. Retirement portfolios are falling. The impact is felt at every income level as savings rates fall and more people live paycheck to paycheck.

Imagine a way to really make a difference for your members

Your members appreciate better deposit rates and free checking accounts. The real opportunity is to go well beyond that.. They really need help to:

  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Increase their savings rate
  • Aggressively pay down debt
  • Enjoy their life now
  • Build a comfortable retirement

And it would be great if they could learn to do all that with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice.

I was privileged to interview Gordon on my podcast, where he shared a wealth of powerful information to help my listeners improve their financial wellbeing. I highly recommend Cashflow Cookbook to anyone who wants to become financially free.
Linda Bjork, bestselling author and host of “Linda’s Corner” podcast

Cashflow Cookbook Financial Wellness Seminars (Live or Virtual)

The one-hour sessions help your members discover:

  • The current state of financial wellness
  • The power of monthly compounding to build wealth and security
  • Worked examples of easy ways to free up significant monthly cashflow
  • The power of tracking wealth
  • A simpler way to budget
  • Five easy, no-sacrifice changes that they can start today
  • A power checklist to financial wellness

Session content is informed by a client pre-survey so the content is fresh, relevant and actionable. Each client receives a signed copy of Cashflow Cookbook (US or Canadian Edition). Events are purpose built to make a measurable difference in the financial wellness of each member that attends.

Most of us agree that consumers should save 10% of their gross income for investment. Investors of many income levels struggle to meet that goal. Cashflow Cookbook is a unique and powerful personal finance book that shows exactly how to free up significant cashflow for investment or debt pay down. Gordon’s book and his presentation have set my clients on a path to free cashflow and accelerate their wealth building.

Alan MacDonald, Senior Investment Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

Let’s talk about a program that can help your members attain financial wellness using the concepts from Cashflow Cookbook.

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