Gordon Stein speaking

Employee Financial Wellness Sessions

Employers are recognizing the need to help employees with wellness in every aspect of their lives. Many companies have wellness initiatives around:

  • Healthy eating to reduce incidence of disease and improve energy levels
  • Mental health to help people cope with stress and anxiety
  • Fitness programs to increase movement and improve cardiovascular health
  • Employee Assistance Programs to provide extra assistance and counselling
  • Weight loss and smoking cessation programs

Often, companies leave out financial wellness. But financial stress can be a powerful issue. Employees can’t focus when they are consumed by financial stress. 68% of divorces are caused by financial issues. Debt in Canada has now peaked at 170% of income. And 31% of Canadians don’t make enough to cover their bills. Even car loans have become more burdensome with an average term now of 69 months. It can be daunting to focus on work when facing these types of financial pressures.

Cashflow Cookbook can be a powerful resource for employees as a step-by-step way to help them rethink their finances, pare their debts and build wealth. Employees are able to use the content to review every aspect of their spending and identify low-effort, low sacrifice ways to free up cash for debt reduction or wealth accumulation.

Cashflow Cookbook Financial Wellness Seminars are a powerful and low-cost way to help employees learn about personal finance and show them new ways of reducing costs and applying the savings in productive ways. The one-hour session help your employees learn about:

  • The powerful marketing machines that make us spend
  • How to reduce debts and increase wealth with minimal sacrifice
  • A powerful approach to visualizing financial wellness over time
  • Five easy, no-sacrifice changes that you can start today
  • Real-life examples of how to reduce financial stress

To book Gordon or to learn more about using Cashflow Cookbook with your employees, use the contact form here or email speaking@cashflowcookbook.com.