Gordon Stein, financial wellness thought leader

I’ve always loved making things more efficient. It started with taking apart alarm clocks,  then bicycles and eventually cars and houses.  An alarm clock is like a round iPhone with bells on top, just one app and springs that fly out when you take it apart.

That quest for efficiency led to an engineering degree and an MBA, providing new frameworks to solve problems. My career included executive roles at Dell, Rogers Communications, and Apple. Over time, the challenges shifted from bolstering my own efficiency to optimizing the results of large sales, marketing, and operations teams.

I developed an interest in personal finance and was fascinated by the wealth disparity. Incredible to see Hollywood celebrities going bankrupt and janitors retiring with millions. The advice in personal finance books was helpful, but often involved people giving up things they love. Which makes sense except that people hate giving up things they love. Was there a way to make financial wellness more efficient as well?

A friend demonstrated how to get car washes for free (legally) and then an ad taught me how to slash the costs of home alarm monitoring. Interesting.  Free cashflow with no effort. What else was out there? The list began, and over 2 years it grew to $13,000 of monthly savings ideas. It became a spreadsheet, then Cashflow Cookbook, a newspaper column, a course for wealth advisors, and an international speaking career helping others to build wealth with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice.

I’m thrilled to be able to share this new approach to financial wellness with you.



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