Personal Finance Speaker

Anxiety about personal finances has never been higher. Over 85% of employees are stressed about their finances and that impacts their ability to perform at work. In Canada, 1/3 of the population is worried about going bankrupt this year while 40% of Americans can’t handle a $400 financial emergency. There is minimal training about financial literacy in schools and very little in the workplace.

Meanwhile, the marketing machine gets more powerful each year. (I know, I used to be a part of it.) Companies know exactly how to advertise and merchandise their products and services, leaving us nearly powerless to avoid unnecessary purchases. Financial institutions offer seemingly endless credit. And the fear of missing out makes us want it all now.

Through keynote speeches, workshops and seminars, I help people break out of living pay check to pay check and start on a path to financial wellness. Anxiety drops, bills get paid and wealth and choice become new realities.

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