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Financial Wellness speaker and author Gordon Stein

I am a keynote speaker and writer with a passion for helping people build financial wellness. Canadians and Americans are struggling with high levels of personal debt and higher levels of stress about money. In researching Cashflow Cookbook, I discovered dozens of low effort, low sacrifice ideas that can free up cash for debt pay down or investment. Applying these simple “recipes” can build millions of dollars of incremental wealth over a typical career.

A chance discussion about a simple way to save on car washes got me wondering about other personal finance hacks. Two years later, I had a massive spreadsheet full of more ideas and future value calculations. My engineer’s love of efficiency joined up with my business school skills to create a new way of thinking about money. Cashflow Cookbook makes financial freedom accessible to just about everyone. 

Over the years, I have seen friends and colleagues struggle financially. Credit is easy, and powerful marketing machines can stretch peoples’ spending out of control. Then personal debt rises, and many end up living for the next paycheque.  So what are the best personal finance hacks? And is there a way to attain financial freedom without sacrifice, complex budgets, and onerous effort? Turns out there is.

A new path to financial wellness

And so my love of writing, my interest in helping others, and a collection of new ideas for financial freedom all came together in this project. Cashflow Cookbook is my way to give back. A way to help financial firms enable their clients to build more wealth, to help organizations improve the financial wellness of their employees and to help young people get started financially.

In between speaking and writing, I am a proud dad, skier, sailor, investor, and guitar player.

Enjoy the book, the web site, and the community.

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Gordon Stein

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