Can you really improve your life with just a sandwich? 

According to Varo Money, 85% of Americans have some amount of stress about money and fully 30% are constantly stressed about it. Meanwhile 97% of Americans get a failing grade on healthy lifestyle habits according to a U.S. National Health and Nutrition Survey. So a simple lifestyle change of a low cost healthy sandwich could make a big difference. How big of a difference? Making a lunch can save $8/day or $200 a month, assuming you did so 25 days of the month. Investing that at 7% would yield nearly $250,000 over 30 years. That’s more than the average Canadian or American retires with. Another way of looking at it is that the $200 monthly savings gives you more cashflow than 20 or the top 22 side hustles earn, according to CNBC. Not bad for a sandwich – looks like it passes the wealth test.

Health-wise, here is a sandwich that is low in calories, high in healthy fats and fibre  and is packed with vitamins and minerals. And yes, you can spare the time to make it. But does it taste good? Delicious. Make one and let me know what you think. A simple lifestyle change that brings health and wealth. Great switch from a burger and fries that can clog both wealth and arteries.

Health and wealth sandwich ingredients

  • 1 multigrain bagel
  • 2 tablespoons of hummus
  • 1 beefsteak tomato
  • I ripe avocado
  • 1 handful of baby spinach
  • (optional) a dash of Nance’s mustard

Background and construction

The sandwich was born of necessity one hungry Tuesday with not much in the fridge other than this odd combination of ingredients. I kept digging for some meat and cheese. Nothing. So I worked with what I had and it made a stellar sandwich that gives you protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, whole grains and a very tasty lunch. No going back to meat and cheese. Worth keeping in your rotation.

When making the early prototypes, there was a tendency for the avocado and tomato to slide by each other. This can be helped with a layer of spinach in between them. So, in order, I suggest: bagel bottom, hummus, tomato, thin spinach layer, avocado, spinach, hummus, optional Nance’s mustard* and then the top. The side salad is just some packaged kale slaw with the leftover avocado added.

Getting bored of the health and wealth sandwich?

Go to the Food & Drink section of this blog for more easy, cheap and health recipes. I will continue to add new ones like the 5 can wealth building chili. Enjoy.

Saving on lunch is just the start. For more ideas on saving and investing check out the rest of my blog posts and my book, Cashflow Cookbook, where I detail easy changes you can make to add millions to your retirement account. 

What recipes are you using to save on food and build wealth? know in the comments below!

  • If you have not experienced Nance’s mustard, you are missing out. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be available in Canada anymore. Make friends with an American or do some cross-border shopping. For an easy way to ship goods from the US to Canada, check this post.


  1. Malora Fernandes Reply

    This was a fun read and a recipe I will certainly try – thanks!

    • Gordon Stein Reply

      Thanks Malora – let me know if you have other fast and easy recipes.

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