Speaking Testimonials


Gordon Stein Speaker Recommendation
Gordon Stein is an advisor and lecturer at the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University. He is a gifted presenter who stimulates and challenges his audience and our students rate him as one of our very top speakers. Gordon mixes original and powerful content with inspiring delivery and is a profound change agent.

Gordon spoke to our team of advisors and I immediately purchased copies of his book for all of my clients and booked him to speak at the Investor’s Round Table at the National Club. He is a high energy and engaging speaker with innovative ideas on personal finance that add tremendous value to my clients and help them access cash for incremental investment.

Gordon Stein spoke to a group of my clients in Ottawa about Cashflow Cookbook. The session was a powerful value-added event and showed my clients how to free up cash to increase their monthly investment contributions. I highly recommend him as a speaker

Gordon Stein’s keynote address at our annual conference was dynamic and impactful. His content from his book “Cashflow Cookbook” was a great fit for our audience and  I would heartily recommend him as a keynote speaker.” –  Laurie Campbell, CEO Credit Canada Debt Solutions.