Personal Finance Speaker

People are anxious about money. As an example, over 85% of employees are stressed about their finances and that impacts their ability to perform at work. In Canada, 1/3 of the population is worried about going bankrupt this year while 40% of Americans can’t handle a $400 financial emergency. There is minimal training about financial literacy in schools and very little in the workplace. The right personal finance speaker can help your group.

Meanwhile, the marketing machine gets more powerful each year. (I know, I used to be a part of it.) Companies know exactly how to advertise and merchandise their products and services, leaving us nearly powerless to avoid unnecessary purchases. Financial institutions offer seemingly endless credit. And we want it all now to avoid the fear of missing out.

Boring and unusable financial advice

Many personal finance speakers rehash the same advice: save 10% of what you earn, invest those funds over the long haul and set a monthly budget and adhere to it. This is all great advice, but I consistently hear from audiences that they:

  • Don’t know where to find the 10% to invest
  • Are unsure where to invest in today’s low interest rate environment
  • Hate budgeting and it tends to lead to bitter fights with their spouse.

In addition, often the personal finance speaker is from a bank, investment or insurance company. As a result, their focus may be more on moving product than increasing financial wellness and reducing anxiety about money.

A more compelling personal finance speaker

I deliver keynote speeches, workshops and seminars. Some are live and some virtual. Each one is customized to the audience.  I help people:

  • Break out of living pay check to pay check
  • Start on a path to financial wellness.
  • End bill payment stress
  • All with minimal effort or sacrifice.
  • And no budgeting, squabbling or frustration
  • With a simple approach they can start today.

People drop their anxiety, pay their bills and embrace wealth and choice. In other words, I engage people in building wealth and help them eliminate money as a worry.

Book time with me to tell me about your speaker needs or email  [email protected].