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Cashflow Cookbook shows you how to save on just about everything you buy. Then it shows you how to apply those savings to pay down debt and build wealth. It’s all done with minimal effort or sacrifice and no budgeting. Everything is laid out step by step.  The book includes more than $13,000 of monthly (yes monthly) savings ideas. So far, no one’s saved the full $13,000. But lots have freed up $350, $800 or $2,200 and applied that to pay off debts or invest more.

And it’s all as easy as, well, following a recipe!

Get started today

  • Get your wealth building efforts unstuck
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Escape from fears of a bleak retirement
  • End the hassles and arguments about budgeting
  • Enjoy relief from endless money fears and anxieties

It’s time to finally get started on a financial approach that you can implement.

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Cashflow Cookbook is bubbling over with easy-to-implement financial recipes that will serve you up a rich future. Each idea shows you, step by step, how to spend smarter and exactly how to apply the savings to cut debt and build wealth fast.

  • Get your finances under control without budgeting (page 11)
  • Save up to $1,700 monthly on housing costs (page 25)
  • Apply 10 transportation tweaks worth over $320,000 over ten years (page 71)
  • Reduce food & drink costs by up to $2,078 monthly (page 115)
  • Chop over $2,200 monthly on household costs including everything from fitness clubs and restaurants to music (page 157)

Cashflow Cookbook includes dozens more ideas to reduce the costs of everything from dry-cleaning and shaving to financial services and entertainment. Each savings idea involves minimal effort, no budgeting and no sacrifices. It’s finally time to get your money working for you!

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3 reviews for Cashflow Cookbook Canadian Edition

  1. Geoff Roberts

    It’s a cornucopia of ways of maximizing your dough and not getting burned by unseen fees or paying too much for just about everything you can imagine – even a piano! Each “recipe” for future financial security is introduced with a vignette with very likable characters that act and sound very much like ordinary Canadians.

    This “Cookbook” is a joy to read – but it doesn’t have to be consumed in one sitting. Mr. Stein wisely makes each recipe a lovely amuse bouche.

    By the way, I bought the book. Worth every penny.

  2. Xaviera Sanchez

    All of the recommendations and advice could be applied in most cases, immediately! Easy to understand and apply these principles to my everyday habits that have led me in the road to debt.

    I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to get a grip on their debt, from a newly graduated student, to a seasoned credit card debt holder. This is a fantastic way to get ahead before life takes you on a ride.

  3. Greg Johnston

    I believe life is a game of inches. Daily habits that we make that add up to make us successful.

    Just like Al Pacino said in Any Given Sunday… “because we know when we add up all those inches that’s going to make the difference between winning and losing… between living and dying.”

    Gordon Stein created a book about personal finances and using this inch-by-inch concept to help you save a ton of money.

    I only wish I had this available in my 20s.

    Gord lays it all out on how you can do a number of small things daily to get you to achieving long term wealth.

    Get the book. I think we could all use this.

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