Student Personal Finance Speaker

One of the best ways to ensure student wellness is to bring in a student personal finance speaker. Many students graduate with powerful skills in their field, but little to no financial literacy. Key personal finance lessons are often missed both in school and at home. The students graduate and spend to the limit of what they make and often well beyond. In the worst case, they enter a debt spiral that can take years to reverse. As a minimum, they are missing critical years to set up savings that can compound and provide financial wellness and freedom for a lifetime. Using a fun framework and relevant student examples drawn from Cashflow Cookbook, Gordon Stein delivers a memorable session that will start students on a powerful path of financial wellness.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Preserve precious student finances with minimal sacrifice
  • Accelerate debt repayment post-graduation
  • Enable A lifetime of reduced financial stress
  • Eliminate the stress of living paycheck to paycheck
  • Build wealth without risk, sacrifice or budgeting
  • Learn to track a single number that changes financial mindsets
  • Bypass common spending traps and grow wealth instead
  • Start a roadmap that avoids common financial pitfalls

I’ve enjoyed speaking about Cashflow Cookbook  at high schools and colleges as well as Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops in both the USA and Canada.

Book me and let’s discuss your speaker needs or email [email protected].