Wealth Advisors … imagine a simple way to:

  • Accelerate client wealth
  • Deepen client relationships
  • Reduce churn
  • Increase referrals
  • Mitigate account losses due to intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Rapidly grow your AUM

How is that even possible?

It all starts with helping clients increase cashflow for incremental investment. My talks show your clients exactly how to free up more cashflow for investing with you. For the clients, that can mean doubling or tripling their wealth at retirement. For you, that means more satisfied clients and healthy growth of your AUM.

Cashflow Cookbook is a gift for both investor and advisor. Investors learn how to free up more cashflow for investing and accelerate their wealth. Advisors uncover a new way to add value and deepen their client relationships. Gordon’s talks and his book are a must for any wealth practice.
Bill Cates, Best Selling Author of Radical Relevance, Consultant, Coach, Speaker and host of “Top Advisor” podcast

Cashflow Cookbook Wealth Seminars (Live or Virtual)

The one-hour sessions help clients discover:

  • The current state of financial wellness
  • How to add millions of incremental wealth with minimal effort
  • Actual examples of how to free up significant monthly cashflow for investing
  • Five easy, no-sacrifice changes that they can start today
  • A power checklist to financial wellness

Session content is informed by a client pre-survey so the content is fresh, relevant and actionable. Each client receives a signed copy of Cashflow Cookbook (US or Canadian Edition). Events are purpose built to add value, drive referrals or connect with children of existing clients.

Most of us agree that consumers should save 10% of their gross income for investment. Investors of many income levels struggle to meet that goal. Cashflow Cookbook is a unique and powerful personal finance book that shows exactly how to free up significant cashflow for investment or debt pay down. Gordon’s book and his presentation have set my clients on a path to free cashflow and accelerate their wealth building.

Alan MacDonald, Senior Investment Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

Here is a video of me speaking to financial advisors:

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