Financial Advisor Client Speaker Gordon Stein
Wealth Advisor Client Speaker Gordon Stein

Wealth Advisor Client Speaker

As a wealth advisor, you help your clients build wealth while managing their risk. Meanwhile, your clients count on you to understand their goals, stay connected and deliver value. As the press focuses on fees, clients may question that value. Moreover, clients have greater choice than ever:

  • Robo Advisors
  • DIY ETF approaches
  • Investing newsletters
  • Fee-only financial advisors
  • Discount brokers
  • Gamified investing apps
  • Other financial advisors

As a result, you need to clarify your value proposition and increase the connection to your clients. Done correctly, that will increase their commitment to your relationship. How can you deepen your client relationships? Many advisors make use of a strong wealth advisor client speaker.

Your clients may be planning an exit

Studies find that clients leave their advisors due to a lack of communication. In addition, they cite a feeling that they aren’t well connected with their advisors. Strengthen that relationship by getting the client involved in the wealth building process. A great start is giving them tools to free up incremental cashflow for investment. In addition, that involvement breeds client commitment to their wealth building.

Advisors are using Cashflow Cookbook as a way to add value and deepen their client relationships. For example, they have the clients use the book’s financial “recipes” to save on recurring expenses. With the book as a framework, advisors and clients can work closely together. The client focuses on freeing up more funds for investment and you focus on optimizing their portfolio. As a result, you are building more wealth, faster.

Cashflow Cookbook Wealth Seminars (Live or Virtual)

Help your clients optimize their personal finances and stimulate their interest in building wealth as they work with you.

The one-hour sessions help clients discover:

  • The value of their financial advisor
  • Their role in building their wealth
  • The incredible power of compounding
  • How to add millions of incremental wealth with minimal effort
  • Five easy, no-sacrifice changes that they can start today
  • Real-life examples of incremental contributions to wealth
  • A power checklist to financial wellness

To sum up, Involve your clients in their own wealth building process. It will build relationships, results and your assets under administration.

Here is Gordon Stein speaking to financial advisors:

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