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Gordon Stein, personal finance author

I am a high-tech executive and have enjoyed my career in Sales, Marketing, and Operations roles with companies including IBM, Dell, and Apple. I started with a Mechanical Engineering degree and an MBA. These were very helpful in the corporate world, but I also combined my engineering drive for efficiency with an interest in personal finance to create a new approach to financial freedom.

Over the years, I have seen friends and colleagues struggle financially. Credit is easy, and powerful marketing machines can stretch peoples’ spending out of control. Then personal debt rises, and many end up living for the next paycheque.  So what are the best personal finance hacks? And is there a way to attain financial freedom without sacrifice, complex budgets, and onerous effort? Turns out there is.

And so my love of writing, my interest in helping others, and a collection of new ideas for financial freedom all came together in this project. Cashflow Cookbook is my way to give back. A way to teach students about financial literacy, to help young people get started financially, to steer people out of debt, to help young families build a more secure future, to move people to financial freedom, and to allow retirees to get more from their savings.

In between writing and working, I am a husband, proud dad, skier, sailor, investor, and guitar player.

Enjoy the book, the web site, and the community.

Bon Appétit!

Gordon Stein

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