An Easier Way to Build Wealth

Are money worries limiting your life?

Money should free you for today’s passions and tomorrow’s dreams. For too many people, money limits them and brings stress and anxiety. It’s time to get out of debt and accelerate your wealth. While we are at it, let’s:

  • Stop living from one paycheck to the next
  • End the arguments about money
  • Forget the hassle of budgeting
  • Eliminate worries about funding your retirement
  • Trade tossing and turning for a good night of sleep

Time to build wealth with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice

Perhaps you’d like to improve your financial wellness but don’t want to:

  • Give up things that you love
  • Do detailed monthly budgeting
  • Risk the wealth you already have

Build wealth and reduce debt. You got this.

What if there was a way to make money joyful? A simple step by step path that lets you get out of debt and build wealth, with no budgets and minimal effort and sacrifice. That’s the idea behind Cashflow Cookbook.

What is Cashflow Cookbook?

Cashflow Cookbook readerCashflow Cookbook is a simple, step-by-step approach to get out of debt and build wealth. There are no gimmicks and no complicated schemes. Nothing to sell, risk or budget. 

The ideas began in a list, became a spreadsheet, then a book, a blog, a newspaper column, and the focus of my speaking engagements. The ideas have been used to help people end their money worries, build wealth and easily prepare themselves for costs of housing, college and retirement.

It works for those earning $50,000 a year and for those earning $500,000 a year. You can apply all of the ideas or just start with a few of them today. It’s time to begin your path to financial wellness. Your financial future is served!

The How to Stop Worrying about Money blog post is the perfect place to start. Learn what simple changes to make to get rid of debt and build your wealth month after month.

Cashflow Cookbook  serves up more than $13,000 of monthly, yes monthly, savings ideas. All with minimal effort and sacrifice. Use them to free up cash each month to pay off debt or build wealth.

Feast on all of the blog posts. Learn better ways to invest, easy ways to save on things that you buy in every category, what to track, habits to build and how to eliminate debt and build wealth .


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