A New Way of Building Wealth

No Budgets. No Skimping.

Cashflow Cookbook offers a new approach. It includes 60 easy recipes that anyone can use to reduce their spending with minimal sacrifice, and then lock in those savings to invest, or reduce debt. And it’s all as easy as, well, following a recipe!

$2 Million of Wealth

Each recipe takes between 10 minutes and a couple of hours to complete, and can save between $25 and $900 a month. Each. Then, investing those savings at 7% could provide more than $700,000 over 10 years for a single person, or over $2,000,000 for a family.

Dig Right in

Check out our Blog, easy and quick ideas to improve your finances.
Download some Utensils — spreadsheets to reduce debt and increase net worth.
Peruse some Ingredients — products and services that can help improve your bottom line and grow your wealth.

Cashflow Cookbook PreviewCashflow Cookbook is bubbling over with easy-to-implement financial recipes that will serve you up a whole new financial future.

  • How to get your finances under control without budgeting (page 11)
  • Ideas to save over $1,700 monthly on housing costs (page 25)
  • Ten transportation tweaks worth over $320,000 over ten years (page 71)
  • How to reduce food & drink costs by up to $2,078 monthly (page 115)
  • Ideas to chop over over $2,200 monthly on household costs including everything from fitness clubs and restaurants to music (page 157)

And dozens more ideas to reduce the costs of everything from dry-cleaning and shaving to financial services and entertainment, all with minimal time and sacrifice. Your financial future is served!

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