In the Media

On The Wolf of Bay Street with Wolfgang Klein

Global News had Gordon on AM 640, HiFi Radio on The Wolf of Bay Street to talk about his new book.

Jump to 14:40 on the player above and have a listen to what Toronto’s HiFi Radio hosts have to say about it!

Get your copy of the book here.

In the Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail’s well-known Rob Carrick picked up a copy of Gordon’s book, too! He liked it so much that he gave it an absolutely glowing review in his column, Carrick on the Money.

Looking to learn to save? Check out Gordon’s Blog, or snack yourself a copy of the Cashflow Cookbook.

In the Toronto Star

Gordon recently shared a few of the recipes from his Cashflow Cookbook in the Toronto Star newspaper. Check out his tips for saving over $100,000 in 10 years!

To see the recipes in The Star and start saving yourself, you can read the articles here: Travel Bill TostadaCar Wash Clafoutis, and Tax Refund Tartar with Deduction Extract.

If you’re hankering for more great recipes like those, give Gordon’s Blog a read or check out the Book!

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On Calgary Today with Angela Kokott

Gordon’s media reach extends further west as News Talk 770’s Angela Kokott features him on her show, Calgary Today.

In this episode, they talk about how to get the most out of your tax return using some of the recipes in the Cashflow Cookbook, and how these savings can be used to help control your spending, lock in your savings and investments, and reduce debt. Use the player above to listen!


I enjoy speaking to employees about Financial Wellness, to clients of Financial Advisors about how to free up funds to invest and to clients of Debt Relief firms for creative ideas about how to free up cash for debt reduction.

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On The Personal Finance Show with Beau Humphreys

Gordon joined Beau Humphreys on his podcast, The Personal Finance Show, to talk about his new Cashflow Cookbook. They discuss the core concepts of sacrifice-free savings and the path to wealth!

Beau is such a big fan of the book, that he’s doing a giveaway of five signed copies. Check out his website for your chance at one of them!

For more, check out!

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On Debt Free in 30 Days with Doug Hoyes

Gordon joined Doug Hoyes from Hoyes Michalos & Associates for a really in-depth conversation about exactly how Cashflow Cookbook can help people save money and be smarter about their spending. They cover everything from short-term, do-it-now kinds of solutions to long-term savings ideas that build wealth over longer periods.

Give it a listen using the player above! Or, if you forgot your headphones today, you can read the transcript on the HM website.

For more interviews like these, check out the Hoyes Michalos website!

On Passionate Bibliophile with Urgen Kuyee

Gordon met with Urgen Kuyee, a Toronto Nurse & Freelance Writer, to talk about his new book. Urgen is working to help Canadians — especially Millenials — and healthcare workers learn more about personal finance and how to make their money go further.

Their interview started with being just about the Cashflow Cookbook, but quickly turned to investing and general financial advice! Check it out here. To get your copy of the book, check out the store! Don’t forget to get some for your friends, too…

For More Passionate Bibliophile, check out Urgen’s website, or search for it on Google.


On Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery

Gordon joined Bruce Sellery on his extremely popular Moolala Podcast to show people how his book can help save you millions over your lifetime.

Interested in learning more? Check out Bruce’s podcast, or give Gordon’s Blog a read. To get the whole big picture, check out the Cashflow Cookbook! Don’t forget to get some for your friends, too…

For More Moolala: Money Made Simple, check out Bruce’s website, or search for it on iTunes and Google Play.

Bissett Financial Fitness Inc.

On Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Gordon joined Tracey Bissett’s Young Money Podcast to talk about how the Cashflow Cookbook came to be and why tracking your net worth is super important. Give it a listen using the player above!

For More Young Money, check out Tracey’s Website, or search for it on iTunes and Google Play.