Media Personal Finance Speaker

Searching for the right guest on your personal finance podcast, radio or TV segment? Looking for fresh content that can provide your listeners with game-changing financial wellness?

I can show your audience easy ways to transform their finances including how to:

  • Live for today AND save for the future
  • Easily free up monthly cashflow for increased investments or debt pay down
  • Streamline banking and bill payment
  • Track the one number that really matters in wealth creation
  • Transform finances with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice

I have been a guest on more than 100 financial and self improvement podcasts as well as appeared in numerous radio, TV and newspaper outlets. My focus is always on delivering powerful content in a style and tone that complements the host. My style combines financial creativity with business rigor and a blast of wit.

Let’s meet your listeners where they are

Many personal finance speakers rehash the same advice: save 10% of what you earn, invest those funds over the long haul, set a monthly budget and adhere to it. Oh and sometimes they add dubious savings tips that aren’t realistic.  Audiences often say that they:

  • Are tired of living paycheck to paycheck
  • Don’t know where to find the 10% to save
  • Are unsure where to invest in today’s environment
  • Hate budgeting and the ensuing fights with their partner
  • Don’t want to clip coupons, drive to multiple grocery stores or make their own cleaning products

A more compelling personal finance guest

Let’s get your audience excited about financial wellness! Show them exactly how to slash their bills, debts, and financial anxiety … all with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice.

I provide numerous, low effort and innovative ways to free up cash for debt reduction or wealth building. I bringadds fun and energy along with useful and unique content.

Here’s my interview with Jessica Moorehouse on the More Money Podcast:

Media Personal Finance Speaker
Media Personal Finance Speaker Gordon Stein with Jessica Moorehouse

To request me as a personal finance speaker on your show, please book me,  or email [email protected].