Media Personal Finance Speaker

Searching for the right guest on your podcast or source for a personal finance article or show? Gordon is an accomplished media personal finance speaker. His style combines financial creativity with business rigor and a blast of wit. Not to mention a whole new approach to personal finance that does away with budgets, blasé and boring.

Boring and unusable financial advice

Many personal finance speakers rehash the same advice: save 10% of what you earn, invest those funds over the long haul and set a monthly budget and adhere to it. Oh and sometimes they add savings tips like clipping coupons and making your own cleaning products. Really?  Audiences often say that they:

  • Don’t know where to find the 10% to invest
  • Are unsure where to invest in today’s low interest rate environment
  • Hate budgeting and it tends to lead to bitter fights with their spouse
  • They don’t want to clip coupons or make their own cleaning products

A more compelling personal finance guest

Gordon’s focus is on helping your audience:

  • Break out of living pay check to pay check
  • Start on a path to financial wellness.
  • End bill payment stress
  • All with minimal effort or sacrifice
  • And no budgeting, squabbling or frustration
  • With a simple approach they can start today

People drop their anxiety, pay their bills and embrace wealth and choice. In other words, Gordon engages people in building wealth and helps them eliminate money as a worry.

Gordon has spoken about Cashflow Cookbook  on a number of radio, TV and podcast shows. Recent sessions include Moolala with Bruce Sellery, Mo Money with Jessica Moorhouse, The MoneySaver podcast with Ellen Roseman, Debt Free in 30 with Doug Hoyes,  The Wolf of Bay Street with Wolfgang Klein and The Personal Finance Show with Beau Humphries.

His examples show that there are numerous, low effort and innovative ways to free up cash for debt reduction or wealth building. Gordon’s style adds fun and energy along with the useful and unique content.

Here’s Gordon with Jessica Moorehouse on her More Money Podcast:

Media Personal Finance Speaker
Media Personal Finance Speaker Gordon Stein with Jessica Moorehouse

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