Why your team needs a financial wellness speaker

Financial Wellness Speaker
Gordon Stein Financial Wellness Speaker

Employers are recognizing the need to help employees with wellness in every aspect of their lives. Many have wellness initiatives around healthy eating, mental health and fitness. However, a bigger issue is that 50% of your employees are living paycheck to paycheck. Even worse,  85% of them are anxious about their financial situation. In fact, a recent PWC report indicated that help with personal finances is the most desired benefit that they don’t already have. You need a financial wellness speaker to address these issues.

Cashflow Cookbook is a great resource to help your employees rethink their finances, pare their debts and build wealth. The book is now in its 7th printing and has been featured in numerous podcasts, radio shows and newspaper articles as well as a column in the Toronto Star.

Cashflow Cookbook Financial Wellness Sessions are a powerful way to help employees learn about personal finance and ease their money worries. The sessions help your employees learn about:

  • The single most important step to improve their financial wellness
  • Why budgeting is not an effective way to get out of debt or build wealth
  • How to reduce debts and increase wealth with minimal sacrifice
  • How to double, triple or quadruple their wealth at retirement
  • Complete real life examples of financial transformation steps for their demographic
  • Five easy, no-sacrifice changes that they can start today


Each session is customized to the needs and demographic of your team and can be delivered virtually or in person. 

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