Your team can’t perform when they are stressed about money

Financial Wellness Speaker
Gordon Stein Financial Wellness Speaker

Leaders are recognizing the need to help their teams with wellness in every aspect of their lives. Many have wellness initiatives around healthy eating, mental health and fitness.

However, a bigger issue is that more than 50% of your employees are living paycheck to paycheck. Even worse,  85% of them are so anxious about their financial situation that it affects their jobs.

A recent PWC report indicated that help with personal finances is the most desired benefit that employees don’t already have. Let’s help them with a new way to fix their finances with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice.

Gordon promised my staff that he would show them how to add a million dollars to their wealth…and he delivered. He crushed it, he was interactive and fun. I highly recommend him.”

John DiJulius – CEO The DiJulius Group

What is different about Cashflow Cookbook Financial Wellness Sessions?

Sessions are based on the content of Cashflow Cookbook. Most personal finance books stress giving up things people love, doing detailed budgeting and saving 10% of their income. No surprise that they are tough to follow, a bit like fad diets. Cashflow Cookbook is based on a different approach that easily frees up cashflow from every expense category and applies that to debt reduction or incremental investment. My approach is all about a major improvement in financial wellness with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice.  Cashflow Cookbook is now in its 7th printing and includes US and Canadian Editions.

Cashflow Cookbook Financial Wellness Sessions are a powerful way to help your team master their finances with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice. The sessions help your employees learn:

  • The single most important step to improve their financial wellness
  • Why budgeting is not an effective way to get out of debt or build wealth
  • How to reduce debts and increase wealth with minimal sacrifice
  • How to double, triple or quadruple their wealth at retirement
  • Real life examples of financial transformation steps for their demographic
  • Five easy, no-sacrifice changes that they can start today

Events are delivered live at your setting or virtually from my professional studio. Each session is guided by a pre-survey to fully understand the needs of your team and a post-survey to assess session effectiveness. To ensure relevance, content is customized to the demographics of your audience. Participants receive a signed copy of Cashflow Cookbook, and the events include unlimited Q&A followup sessions in a live or virtual format.



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